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    On November 23, at 5 p.m. a solemn event to commemorate the 80th birth anniversary of Composer Rimvydas Žygaitis is to take place at the Main Hall of the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy.

    Participants: Kaunas State Choir (Director Petras Bingelis) and Studends of Kazlu Rūda R. Žygatis Art School.
    ”Although Rimvydas Žygaitis devoted a greater part of his life to organizational work and promotion of other composers’ talent and their works, his portion of musical works contains over two hundred opus. It is not incidentally that the program of the event has been prepared by the composer’s long-year friend Petras Bingelis. The Choir of Kaunas directed by maestro Petras Bingelis will perform the most beautiful choral music opus of the composer. Symbolically, students of Kazlu Rūda Art School named after R. Žygaitis also participate at the event. Archival video material is to remind of the bygone epoch marked by pass away of a number of great personalities whose creation we cherish and enjoy today. Despite the enormous tempo of today’s life, when it is so hard to find time to stay together, we dare ask to stop for a while and remember a great man who devoted all his life to his greatest love – the people“, said A. Žigaitytė-Nekrošienė, President of the Lithuanian Music Union.

    After graduation from Moscow P. Chaikovsky State Conservatoire in 1957, from 1957 to 1961 R. Žygaitis taught at Vilnius J. Tallat-Kelpša Higher Music School, at Vilniuis M. K. Čiurlionis Art School where he also acted as Head of the Music Theory Department. From 1961 to 1963 he was a senior lecturer at the Music Department of Vilnius State Pedagogical Institute and from 1962 to 1963 as Head of the Music Theory Department. From 1969 to 2001 he was a senior lecturer of academic disciplines at Lithuanian State Conservatoire (National Music and Theatre Academy from 1992), a docent from 1979, an acting professor and Head of the Composition Department from 1986-to1988 and a professor of the Music Theory Department from 1988.

    ”Life is beautiful in its simplicity but this simplicity is not only that that is beautiful or festal. Drama also bestows beauty to life. I have experienced a lot of dramatic situations in my life and, if everything taken into one picture, I do not know which part outweighed – festal or dramatic. But only beautiful impressions remain in the memory. I see and feel that I have not wasted my life”, Rimvydas Žygaitis spoke on the eve of his 75th jubilee.

    From 1963 to 1986 R. Žygaitis worked as artistic director at Lithuanian National Philharmonic (from 1975 to 1978 as Principal of the National Philharmonic). From 1995 to his death R. Žygaitis was President of the Lithuanian Music Union.
    Entrance free.

    Organizers: Lithuanian Music Union, Lithuanian Composers’ Union, Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, Kaunas State Philharmonic.
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    The Kaunas State Choir auditioning for the chorus singers (tenor and bass voices) to take office.


    - Tertiary music education (student of music academy is likely);
    - Good vocal skills;
    - Good knowledge of Lithuanian and at least one foreign language;
    - Audition application form;
    - Copy of music education certificate;
    - ID copy;
    - Curriculum vitae (CV).

    The deadline for receipt of applications is 14 October 2013, by email or delivered to Kaunas State Philharmonic's staff department, L. Sapiegos g. 5, Kaunas. Audition for applicants to take office of a singer in the Kaunas State Choir will be held on 21 October, 2013 at 2pm in Kaunas State Philharmonic's Chamber Hall. The competition will be carried out by listening.

    To make enquiries: phone number (8 37) 201562, email
    KSF info
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  • Sion



    Having travelled four thousands kilometres Kaunas State Choir and its leader – Petras Bingelis for a few days have become the ambassador of the Lithuanian music culture in Switzerland where debuted in the International Sion Music Festival that takes place in the capital of Valais canton – Sion since 1964.
    Meeting of the violin and the human voice
    Sion that charms with the beauty of gothic castles and cathedrals is deservedly titled the capital of violin music and virtuosos of this instrument. The initiator of the International Sion Music Festival was a Hungarian violinist Tibor Varga who had been living and working in Sion for a few years.
    The Sion Festival that at first was exclusively a chamber music event later started to round up bigger symphony orchestras; competitions of violinist drawing to Switzerland musicians from all over the world started to be held.
    The art director of this year festival that is already the 49th – a prominent figure if the music world – a Russian violinist Pavel Vernikov who is not only cherishing traditions of his predecessors but is searching for new tinges and assonances invited the participants and listeners to discover a variety of musical forms, to experience an exciting and meaningful encounter of the violin and the human voice.
    "The concept of current year festival exactly was one of the reasons why a choir form Kaunas was invited to the mecca of violinists where in the Cathedral of Sion, built in the end of the 16th – beginning of the 17th century, performed an oratory by the vicar of the patriarch of Moscow and Russia – metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev) - "Passion according to Mathew", - explained the singer of the choir Rimantas Klevečka.
    Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, soloist of the Great Theatre in Moscow – Svetlana Kasyan and other performers took part in the Sion Festival together with the choir.
    Thanks of the metropolitan
    Preparing the programme of the festival its art director P. Vernikov told metropolitan Hilarion: "We will find plenty of orchestras for this piece but which choir could perform it?" That time a clergyman and a composer did not hesitate: "I know the choir". He had Kaunas State Choir singers in mind.
    In spite of that the budget of current year festival was extremely modest, the metropolitan himself was caring about the financing of the Kaunas State Choir singers journey and did not consider other options. "But there are plenty of choirs all over the world" and rejoiced the singers of Kaunas State Choir who received the most warm applause of the public and thanks of the metropolitan after the concert.
    "I am performing for the first time with the performers of such a high level", - metropolitan Hilarion told the leader of Kaunas State Choir after the concert. "I would like to express my deepest gratitude and respect for you".
    Director of the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra – Egidijus Mikšys as well heard these words and just confirmed: "There are few choirs of such a high artistic level in Europe. That is why though I take pleasure in the success of the Lithuanians it does not surprise me. This piece is actually written for the choir, the orchestra is just accompanying it. By the way, acoustics in Sion Cathedral is perfect".
    An unforgettable prèmiere
    A Russian clergyman and composer hilarion heard the singing of Kaunas State Choir on the 13th of May, 2012 when the oratory was for the first time in Lithuania performed in the Congress Palace in Vilnius. An impressive vocal-instrumental piece that was impeccably performed by Kaunas State Choir was an extraordinary success and appreciated by the Lithuanian audience.
    An author of the oratory – metropolitan Hilarion memorized a collective from Kaunas and invited it to come to Sion meanwhile himself occupied the place at the conductor’s pulpit.
    "Passion according to Mathew" is an unexpected and at the same time masterful synthesis of musical traditions of the Western church and Orthodox (Eastern) church liturgy in which like in an old icon the mysteries of divinity and sanctity irradiate painted by the sounds of music. The oratory fascinated the listeners of the festival. According to them this music reveals the hearth of the composer himself and the success of the piece lie in the universality and simplicity of musical language and the extraordinary power of suggestion at the same time.
    It was an unforgettable and at the same time a solemn performance for the collective of Kaunas State Choir. And though the choir singers give all their forces for every concert this time a new and really extraordinary conductor – the highest level clergyman of Moscow and Russia was a real excitement. "His every gesture irradiated sacredness," – the choir singer Saulius Mažulis shared his impressions. "Concentrated, calm, considering every gesture, you can not forget how a clergyman is conducting".
    The most prominent collectives form Lithuania gave performances in the Sion Festival during a week but none of them attracted attention of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania. "But having listened to the concert the diplomats could do as many as you can not do in thirty years," – the leader of Kaunas State Choir – Petras Bingelis was surprised.
    After the return to Lithuania the choir will give numerous concerts on the stages of Lithuania. Soon the choir singers will invite listeners to the Congress Palace where together with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra will perform "The Queen Symphony", to the halls of the Lithuanian philharmonics where together with the Lithuanian National Symphonic Orchestra under the baton of Olivier Grangean will introduce the ode by E. Elgar "The Music Makers".
    Enrika Striogaitė - Kauno Diena
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  • Imants Resnis conductor-def9b7b22b55193fbd84ae1cf64c375d.jpg



    The concert "Vivat Verdi!" of Kaunas Symphony Orchestra, Kaunas State Choir and soloists will be organised at Vilnius National Philharmonic Hall on April 20 at 7 pm. The concert will mark the 200th birth anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi.
    The year 2013 is quite important for world’s musical community – we celebrate Richard Wagner’s 200th birth, Benjamin Britten’s, René Leibowitz’s and Witold Lutosławski’s 100th birth anniversaries. This year we also mark 200th birth anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi, the legendary Italian opera composer. He was born on October 10, 1813 (by the way, October 10 is a birthday of Queen Isabella II of Spain (1830) and Fridtjof Nansen, the Norwegian oceanographer, Arctic explorer and Nobel Peace Prize laureate (1861)).
    According to biographers, in some sense Verdi was an autodidact. He got his musical education at the music school in teenage years. He taught himself to play spinet, later took private composition, counterpoint and harmony lessons, studied scores by Corelli, Bach, Haydn and Mozart, played organ at the church of Le Roncole, attended operatic performances and concerts. He never received a professional-academic musical education. In 1832, he was not accepted to Milan Conservatoire due to ‘the lack of talent’! However, from the music historical point, Verdi’s significance lies in his twenty-nine operas. Majority of his works for stage became fixtures in many a world opera theatre and enjoy great popularity.

    LNPH info

    Photo: Chab Lathion

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  • Photo by E. Katinas



    On the occasion of the 70th jubilee of the art director and principal conductor of Kaunas State Choir Petras Bingelis many premieres of large music pieces will be presented to classical music admirers of Lithuania.
    Kaunas State Choir will perform a programme which will remind of a trip through pages of world music history from century to century at Kaunas State Philharmonic Hall on May 2 and at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall on May 4.
    The masterpiece of sacred music of the Austrian composer of the 18th-19th century Joseph Haydn "Missa in tempore belli", "Cantata" of the well-known Russian composer of the 20th century Igor Stravinskij for female voices and "South Lithuanian Variations" of the Lithuanian composer Bronius Kutavičius will resound in the concerts. The music pieces have been chosen taking into regard the talent, sensitivity and love for music of P.Bingelis raised by the dear Dainava land.
    Kaunas State Choir formed and headed by P. Bingelis has prepared more than 150 vocal-instrumental music pieces of large volume that belong to the treasury of world classical music from the Middle Ages to modern music: oratorios, cantatas, masses, passios, concert and stage opera versions.
    The music pieces will be performed by the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra (art director Sergej Krylov), Kaunas State Choir and soloists. The conductor is Petras Bingelis.
    Rimantas Klevečka

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  • A_Vedernikov conductor-aea382095d4e6009399ad815f330ebbb.jpg



    Kaunas State Choir, which is well known on international music stages and valued favourably by critics, has planned concerts in various Lithuanian concert halls. The choir, which has returned from China recently, will soon organise concerts in Denmark.
    Kaunas State Choir is preparing for the trip to Denmark at the beginning of March at the invitation and initiative of the conductor of Russian origin Aleksandr Vedernikov, who is the principal conductor of Odense Symphony Orchestra from 2009. Kaunas singers will perform the programme dedicated to the commemoration of the 200th birth anniversary of the Italian opera genius Giuseppe Verdi, whose music, according to the conductor Petras Bingelis, is like a visit card of Kaunas State Choir.
    Odense listeners will hear the music piece "Messa da Requiem" of G. Verdi performed by the choir.
    The concert roads of Kaunas Choir and world celebrities of singing will cross in Denmark. The 37-year-old singer from the Ukraine Liudmila Monastyrska agreed to sing along with the choir. Tenor part will be performed by the Georgian singer Baidri Maisuradze. The bass part will be sung by the Russian soloist Vitalij Kovaliov valued for his wide range of voice. The performers will be accompanied by Odense Symphony Orchestra.
    After the visit in Denmark the choir singers, their head P. Bingelis and concert partners will perform the most beautiful G.Verdi opera arias and choruses to Lithuanian listeners. Canto music will resound at Kaunas and Vilnius Philharmonic Halls on April 19-20. 
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